Can You Multiply Infinity By Infinity?

What’s the middle of infinity?

Originally Answered: Is 0 the middle of infinity.

Infinity is not a number, but zero is at the center of all numbers.

Numbers spread to infinity in all directions from zero.

In general, infinity just means continues forever..

Is infinity divided by infinity equal to 1?

Therefore, infinity divided by infinity is NOT equal to one. Instead we can get any real number to equal to one when we assume infinity divided by infinity is equal to one, so infinity divided by infinity is undefined.

Can Infinity be calculated?

Infinity is not a real number An idea of something without an end. Infinity cannot be measured.

Does minus infinity exist?

Yes, absolutely. In particular, limits of functions can be taken as an independent variable approaches negative infinity, and the value of a limit may be negative infinity (this really means that the limit does not exist, but it is often written that limits equal infinity or negative infinity).

What is infinity to the 0 power?

If you extend the Real numbers set, you may say that infinity is defined as the NUMBER, which is bigger than any of the numbers in the non-extended Real numbers set. In that case infinity to the power of zero is 1 because any Real NUMBER to the power zero is 1.

What is the value of 0 * infinity?

0. When you multiply any number by 0 you get 0. So, when you multiply 0 by infinity, you get 0.

What is the number before infinity?

There isn’t a number before infinity because there isn’t a number called infinity. If there were, then there would also be a number called infinity+1. Any time I see something like infinity+x or infinity-x, the answer to that is still infinity.

What is anything multiplied by infinity?

Answer and Explanation: Any positive number multiplied by infinity equals infinity, any negative number multiplied by infinity equals infinity. The only exception is 0 multiplied by infinity which is undefined.

Is infinity minus 1 still infinity?

Infinity is uncountable. It is not defined. When there is no particular numerical value for infinity, this operation of infinity minus one can’t really be performed as it is illogical. So the answer still remains infinity.

Is Infinity equal to zero?

Zero is not equal to infinity.