Quick Answer: What Type Of Word Is Connection?

What type of word is connected?


united, joined, or linked.

having a connection.

joined together in sequence; linked coherently: connected ideas..

What is the noun of connect?

connection. (uncountable) The act of connecting. The point at which two or more things are connected. A feeling of understanding and ease of communication between two or more people.

What is an example of connection?

The definition of connection is that something is linked with another or associated with another or that there is a relationship between two or more things. An example of a connection is the link between peanut butter and jelly. An example of conncection is the link between a mom and her kids.

What is word connection?

Connection words serve to connect ideas within and between paragraphs. They offer ways for the writer to signal to the reader the relationship between ideas. Connection words can aid organization, create transition, and help to emphasize points.

Is it connect to or connect with?

‘Connected to’ usually means a physical connection. E.g. ‘Your computer is connected to a printer’. ‘Connected with’ someone or something means a relationship.

How do you use the word connect?

Connect sentence examplesSteam tramways connect it S.E. … She doesn’t need to connect the dots back to me. … It was only a matter of time before someone began to connect our tips. … He located the spot where his fangs would connect, but first he would rock her world.More items…

Can Connect be used as a noun?

noun:connection. verb:connect. I agree. “Connect” is not a noun.

What part of speech is connection?

noun. /kəˈnɛkʃn/ link. [countable] something that connects two facts, ideas, etc. synonym link connection (between A and B)

What does personal connection mean?

The concept of “relationships and family” is broad and varies from person to person. … In our model, personal relationships refer to close connections between people, formed by emotional bonds and interactions. These bonds often grow from and are strengthened by mutual experiences.

What is a relationship between two things?

The relationship between two things is the way in which they are connected.

What does it mean to be connected to something?

Being connected meant sharing ourselves, raw and unedited, with the people closest to us—without the need to document, retouch, upload, broadcast, or archive our relationships. Being “connected” in today’s world is a much more complicated concept.

Is connection a noun or verb?

noun. the act or state of connecting. the state of being connected: the connection between cause and effect. anything that connects; a connecting part; link; bond: an electrical connection.

What is another name for connection?

In this page you can discover 94 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for connection, like: kinship, juncture, incoherence, conjunction, filiation, relation, symphysis, tie, disconnection, gap and coupling.

What is the verb of connection?

connect. (intransitive, of an object) To join (to another object): to attach, or to be intended to attach or capable of attaching, to another object. (intransitive, of two objects) To join: to attach, or to be intended to attach or capable of attaching, to each other.