What Is The Rule Of 144?

What is the Rule 144 date?

The Rule 144 date is the start of the holding period for which a controlled or restricted security must be held before resale.

If the issuing company is a reporting company with regards to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the qualifying holding period is six months..

Who Does Rule 144 apply to?

Does Rule 144 Apply to Me? Rule 144 applies if you are: a non-affiliate shareholder who wants to sell their restricted securities. an affiliate of the issuing company who wants to sell their securities (whether they are restricted or “free trading”) into the public market.

How long will it take to quadruple your money?

Rule of 114 can be used to determine how long it will take an investment to triple, and the Rule of 144 will tell you how long it will take an investment to quadruple. For example, at 10% an investment will triple in about 11 years (114 / 10) and quadruple in about 14.5 years (144 /10).

What is Article 144 of the Indian constitution?

Article 144 Constitution of India: Civil and judicial authorities to act in aid of the Supreme Court. All authorities, civil and judicial, in the territory of India shall act in aid of the Supreme Court.

What is the purpose of Rule 144?

Rule 144 provides an exemption and permits the public resale of restricted or control securities if a number of conditions are met, including how long the securities are held, the way in which they are sold, and the amount that can be sold at any one time.

Does Rule 144 apply to private sales?

Rule 144 does not apply to private transactions, including sales, gifts, estate distributions and pledges, but does apply to the purchaser, donee, beneficiary and pledgee, when they sell the stock into the public market.